10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of the Infrared Sauna

10 Beneficios científicamente probados de la sauna de infrarrojos

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy is a technique based on the application of high environmental temperatures in a controlled manner whose purpose is to improve health in different aspects.

This type of therapy has become global and is well known around the world, a clear example where thermotherapy is used is in the sauna. However, the main drawback of a conventional sauna is that the physical space must be available at all times in order to enjoy its benefits.

Currently, this problem is solved, since we have tools to facilitate its use together with the accessibility to thermotherapy. We are talking about the infrared sauna blanket, which is basically a portable sauna, which is a viable alternative to having a conventional sauna in the comfort of our home.

The benefits of the sauna are many, and even different studies and clinical trials demonstrate the impact on our health, which we will tell you below:

Benefits of the sauna on blood circulation

It has been proven that by subjecting the body to a controlled heating process we allow dilation of the blood vessels to occur, having more space for the passage of blood, allows better perfusion and thus better oxygenation of the tissues.

Based on this foundation, a study was carried out on the benefits in the circulation of individuals subjected to temperatures of 80°C, where it was observed that sauna treatment improves the internal function of blood vessels, generating preventive benefits in the formation of thrombi that could later cause heart, lung or brain infarctions.

Benefits of the sauna in the Heart

The benefits of sauna on the heart have been demonstrated in several studies, one of the examples being its effect on heart failure. Where it has been shown that thermotherapy at a temperature of around 80° C, such as what is achieved in our sauna blanket, allows a decrease in the blood volume that reaches the heart, optimizing its heartbeat as it allows it to pump blood more efficiently .

The cardiological benefits are not only therapeutic, but also preventive, since it has been shown that thermotherapy can reduce the incidence of acute myocardial infarctions and therefore reduce mortality and sequelae of this increasingly common disease in today's society due to the hectic pace of life.

Benefits of a sauna on blood pressure

arterial hypertension, or also known as “the silent enemy” is a disease that is present in about 15% of the world population and whose consequences become evident once serious damage has been established in the body.

Thermotherapy as an alternative to reduce complications is very viable, since by subjecting the body to high temperatures such as in a portable sauna for a period of time, it allows blood pressure at rest to decrease its values ​​so that they do not represent a high risk of mortality due to complications.

Benefits of the sauna in physical resistance

The heat produced during physical exercise contributes to the improvement of cardiovascular and respiratory parameters, however, passive heat therapies such as the one that can be performed with a infrared sauna have a similar effect. It has been verified that with the use of thermotherapy there are responses induced by thermoregulators, influencing cardiorespiratory parameters, as occurs in moderate exercise, improving the person's physical resistance.

Benefits of the sauna on chronic pain

Pain management is a widely studied field, which seeks to control this symptom in various ways. Conventional drug therapy can be effective, although it often presents undesirable secondary symptoms. Therefore, alternative therapy is increasingly accepted, since it allows the application of new techniques to control pain, such as thermotherapy.

This is a promising treatment, because it can reduce the perception of painful stimuli, allowing people who suffer from chronic pain to reintegrate into their daily lives in better conditions.

Currently, there are different studies that support it as an alternative treatment for different pain conditions, such as lumbago, where it has been observed that it greatly improves symptoms during the use of heat emitted by infrared saunas. Therefore, health professionals recommend the use of this type of tool to improve the quality of life of patients.

Benefits of the sauna on the feeling of tiredness

The chronic fatigue syndrome is considered the presence of fatigue for more than 6 months. Its approach has classically been multidisciplinary, using drugs, physical therapies, and natural products with unfavorable results. This is why thermotherapy using an infrared sauna has been studied in this group of people, where it was possible to show that those who used it could reduce their levels of fatigue and improve their quality of life, in addition they could even remit the use of medication after several sessions.

Benefits of the sauna in the management of depressive symptoms

Although it may seem unrelated, the treatment of major depression can be related to thermotherapy, through the use of infrared saunas.

In a study, where patients diagnosed with depression underwent thermotherapy, it was possible to show that there was a significant reduction in their symptoms, considering thermotherapy as an auxiliary treatment in cases of depressive disorders.

Benefits of a sauna on the skin

The skin fulfills functions of thermoregulation, protection, sensitivity and purification, which can be improved by being subjected to thermotherapy. After the increase in temperature, the skin eliminates a greater amount of electrolytes and waste metabolites through sweat, helping to purify our body.

In addition, it reduces sodium, which improves the appearance of the skin. The heat produces a dilation of pores, expelling fat and clogging of the follicles, decreasing the incidence of acne and folliculitis.

If you want to get the most out of our device, we recommend using our ionic dry brush.

Benefits of the sauna on the immune system

The immune system is in charge of fighting infections of different etiologies that try to invade and do damage to our body, through complex mechanisms they seek to keep us healthy and day by day they fight against the different environmental agents to which we are exposed.

Colds are usually one of the most common diseases, so thermotherapy benefits the immune system to fight them, there are studies that show that people who undergo thermotherapy have a lower risk of contracting and developing moderate to severe cold symptoms, so by using heat we can reduce and prevent episodes of illness.

Benefits of the sauna in the elderly

Geriatric syndrome is made up of different manifestations such as delirium, falls, fragility, urinary incontinence or slow gait, there is an urgent demand for minimally invasive therapies that allow the improvement of the discomfort that older adults present, improving their lifestyle and reducing their risk of presenting complications related to these aggravated conditions. Thermotherapy has been shown to reduce frailty syndrome in the elderly, with changes in dyspnea, lower limb edema or chronic pain.

In the following articles we will talk about more benefits of the sauna, such as the stimulation of the creation of melatonin ( to fall asleep ), control cortisol ( reduce stress ) and many others that have been found in validated scientific studies.

We invite you to use our sauna blanket in your home to be part of these benefits and enjoy good health in a totally organic and natural way. In addition, you have 30 days free to try it, if you don't like it or it doesn't work for you, we'll refund your money.

If you still haven't made up your mind and want to know a bit more about how an infrared sauna works, here's more information.Here you can also learn how an infrared sauna blanket works and how to use an infrared sauna blanket.

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