How to improve sports performance by adding the sauna to your workouts?

¿Cómo mejorar tu rendimiento añadiendo la sauna a tus entrenamientos?

The conventional sauna has been associated with moments of relaxation and luxury, due to the sensation it produces when using it. However, it is difficult to have daily access to a conventional sauna, since it requires a space with specific characteristics such as wooden walls and electrical resistances that maintain a high temperature in order to enjoy its benefits.

Currently, it has been shown that the sauna can generate positive changes in health (beyond the benefits of sweating), preventing complications and increasing the quality of life of those who use it, however, there are benefits related to improving sports performance, increasing resistance and aerobic capacity, taking our physical abilities to a higher level.

It is no coincidence that in Spain it is increasingly common to see this type of sauna in gyms, swimming pools or training complexes of different branches of sport, with the aim of increasing their performance in the development of their discipline.

In order to increase accessibility to this therapy, there is currently technology capable of creating an environment similar to a conventional sauna in the comfort of our home, as is done by the infrared sauna blanket, which through different layers and infrared is capable of producing a temperature of 80° Celsius and thus obtaining the same properties.

If you are an athlete, without a doubt you should know the benefits of the sauna and specifically the infrared sauna (here you will see how an infrared sauna works), since you can improve sports performance and exceed your expectations thanks to the following benefits:

Increases blood flow and tissue oxygenation

The use of this device after a workout can generate benefits in your body resistance, as demonstrated by different studies where after being subjected to a temperature of around 80° Celsius, individuals improved their performance in resistance races, associated with a greater peripheral blood volume and better cardiovascular response.

Optimizes energy utilization

As far as performance is concerned, the energy available in the body is important because our physical capacity will depend on its use. After being in thermotherapy with a sauna blanket, by various mechanisms the body increases its "anaerobic threshold" making the body take better advantage of its energy sources and thus produces less fatigue after a workout.

Improves resistance to high temperatures

The conventional sauna should be used for no more than 20 minutes for an athlete who is new to thermotherapy, since the increase in temperature produces different stimuli in the body, similar to being under intense exercise. This is why, after spending several weeks in thermotherapy sessions, the thermoregulation mechanisms change.

One of the advantages of the Infrared sauna is that the temperature reached allows you to obtain the benefits of conventional thermotherapy, but with a more pleasant thermal sensation, allowing adaptation to be easier and the times allowed to enjoy its use are up to 45 minutes.

In this way, athletes who make use of thermotherapy subject their body to less stress during the practice of their discipline, making their resistance and power greater, improving sports performance and obtaining better results.

Maintains your muscle mass

Although thermotherapy does not increase protein synthesis, it does influence protein consumption. An athlete, by increasing his energy needs, will use his reserves of both fat and protein for maintenance and recovery, directly affecting his muscle mass.

The sauna blanket helps, during the sessions, to increase hormone secretion of both growth hormone and anti-thermal shock proteins, which directly decrease protein consumption, in other words they decrease the impact on muscles.

Does your body fat percentage decrease?

The belief that a portable sauna can reduce your weight by reducing body fat is actually a myth, since during sauna sessions you mostly lose electrolytes and water through sweat, including some toxins as well as purification by the liver and kidney.

However, thermotherapy, by generating changes in the endocrine system, has been shown to intervene in insulin sensitivity, making fat reserves used as a source of energy, being able to reduce their amount by consumption, although to see a change this must go hand in hand with a low-fat diet.

In addition, in a sauna session your heart rate increases (your body must consume energy to "cool it down", this is done by sweating), this causes calories to be lost during the session.

How to use the infrared sauna blanket in training?

Our device is capable of generating an environment of maximum 80° Celsius, assimilating the temperature that you can find in a conventional sauna. Thanks to its infrared technology, it can produce heat similar to the heating mechanisms of the sun, but with the benefit of not generating UV rays, which are related to skin problems.

By generating such a hot environment, the body must acclimatize to the changes during thermotherapy, which is why it is recommended to use initial sessions for a week that last between 10 and 15 minutes. To gradually achieve sessions of 30-45 minutes.

As general measures for athletes preparing for a goal, it is better to subject the body to mild water restriction because in this way we accustom the body to not presenting symptoms such as cramps or dizziness due to electrolyte deficit (in endurance sports it happens a lot). In these cases it is important to keep fluid consumption to a minimum prior to the session.

Pre-hydration is recommended for those who use it for pleasure or for general health. Of course, and for both cases, after training you should always hydrate to recover the deficits caused during the sauna session.

It is important that alcohol consumption should be totally restricted prior to sessions with the portable sauna. Since it could increase dehydration and cause damage from alcohol metabolites.

Begin to improve sports performance thanks to the use of the sauna

The choice of the type of sauna is important to improve sports performance, our infrared sauna blanket offers you the benefits of the traditional sauna without harmful side effects. It is important to mention that our product does not generate an electromagnetic field like other brands on the market and that it has been related to the appearance of various diseases.

In addition, you can enjoy a sauna without having to occupy a large space in your home at a reduced cost compared to a conventional sauna.

An important detail is that sauna sessions will help you fall asleep better, and this is vitally important to recover your muscles after hard workouts.

Our device can be your preferred tool during your workouts, as it will take you to the next level of physical performance, as well as improve your overall health. We invite you to try it, because once it becomes part of your exercise routine you will not be able to stop using it.

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