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VitiliGo - Portable Infrared Light

Portable device that emits red and near-infrared light to help your body heal on a cellular level.

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VitaliCold Pro - Portable Ice Bath

Portable ice bath with adjustable temperature for ice baths. Designed for those people who seek to take care of their health, boost their mental strength and athletes who want to speed up their recovery and improve their performance.

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Speed ​​up Recovery
Increases blood flow to damaged tissues
Reduces Injuries
By accelerating recovery you will train more efficiently
Alleviate the pain
Improves mobility and relieves muscle and tendon pain
Improve your Performance
Combine cold, heat and red light to boost your performance

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Reduce pain

Red light therapy reduces pain by stimulating healing and protein production in cells through mitochondrial function.

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Speed ​​up recovery

Ice baths are a powerful tool for athletes that allow them to train more intensely and improve performance by reducing inflammation, promoting muscle repair, and speeding recovery.

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How will the red light help you heal your injuries?

Red light therapy increases blood flow and stimulates cell regeneration. Essentially, it helps the mitochondria of muscle cells to complete their respiration cycle more efficiently, resulting in less fatigue in the muscles.

Improving the mitochondrial respiration cycle leads to better activation and formation of muscle stem cells that eventually develop into healthy muscle tissue. This means that athletes who use red light therapy on their muscles can experience healthy, long-lasting muscle tissue.

Red light therapy also reduces inflammation that damages cells and causes muscle soreness, making it an essential ally in workout recovery.

Why will the heat of the sauna help you improve your performance?

Firstly, the heat of the sauna helps to dilate the blood vessels, which improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles. This can increase endurance and muscular work capacity.

In addition, the sauna promotes the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from the body through sweat, which can reduce fatigue and speed recovery after intense exercise. Sauna has also been found to help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, which contributes to better recovery and reduced risk of injury.

Another benefit of sauna for sports performance is its ability to improve heat acclimatization. By regularly exposing yourself to high temperatures in the sauna, the body adapts and becomes more efficient at regulating body temperature during exercise in hot conditions. This can be especially beneficial for athletes who compete in hot environments.

Ice baths for better muscle recovery

Cold water constricts blood vessels, forcing blood to organs to pick up oxygen and nutrients. As it exits, the blood vessels expand, sending blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This improves circulation, removes metabolic waste products from the muscles, and reduces tissue inflammation.

Combine cold, heat and red light to boost your performance

The strategic combination of cold, heat and red light is a powerful tool to enhance your performance. These three elements work in synergy to offer you unique benefits and significant improvements in your sports performance.

Cold, on the one hand, helps reduce inflammation and accelerate muscle recovery. By applying cold therapies, such as ice baths, vasoconstriction and decreased blood flow are promoted, which helps to alleviate muscle pain and eliminate toxins accumulated during intense exercise. In addition, the cold stimulates the release of endorphins, which contributes to a general feeling of well-being.

The heat, on the other hand, has beneficial effects on flexibility and blood circulation. The sauna helps relax muscles, increase blood flow, and improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues. This can result in greater endurance and recovery capacity, as well as improved joint mobility.

Lastly, red light has been shown to have positive effects on muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and increasing cellular energy production. Red light penetrates deep into tissues, stimulating cellular activity and promoting the repair and regeneration of damaged muscle cells.

By combining these three elements into your training routine, you can experience a unique synergy that maximizes your performance. Alternating application of hot and cold, along with exposure to red light, can help speed recovery, improve stamina, increase strength, and reduce the risk of injury.

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